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Marlene Christine Hurd

Ms. Hurd served three terms as the President for the Black Caucus of California Community Colleges and is the former President of Merritt College Tobacco Less Club. During 2015-2016, Marlene was a fellow with the University of California San Francisco LOOP Leadership Program Health Equity in Tobacco Control.


Marlene was a fellow with Women's Foundation of California Women's Policy Institute. She has served as Vice Chair Resident Board Certified Commissioner with Oakland Housing Authority. She currently serves as Resident Advisory Board Member with Oakland Housing Authority. During 2006- 2008, she served two Elected terms as Student Trustee, Peralta Community College District. 


She received Advocate of the Year June 2015 Outstanding Contributions Award, Alameda County Tobacco Control Coalition. Hurd received in 2009, Jack Scott Chancellor's California Community Colleges Certificate of Recognition for Distinguished Service Award. During 2007-2009, Marlene received Certificate of Special Recognition, as President of the Black Caucus of the California Student Association of Community Colleges from Congresswoman Maxine Waters.


Marlene has received from Laney College Labor Studies Certificate, Associate in Arts Labor Studies, Laney College, Associate in Language Arts, Laney College, Associate in Social Science, Laney College, Mills College, B. A. Ethnic Studies. Merritt College, Paralegal Degree.


She is committed to raising awareness in the African American Community regarding Tobacco and it's effects on people of color.

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