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Juanita Moore

I am an Entrepreneurial, Philanthropist, Civil Rights Activist, Community Activist, Teacher, Minister, Mother of 4 children (Jamaar, Joshua, Jonathan and Anayah), wife to Samuel Eliyah Price and most importantly a woman of God.  I was named the founding President of the Black Caucus of the California Community Colleges after launching the first annual Black Caucus Leadership Conference that was held at El Camino College in 1998.

My journey in education started with my job at Merrill Lynch telling me that I could not apply for a position as a broker because I needed a bachelor’s degree.  I immediately quit my job and started school at College of the Desert Community College located in Palm Desert California.  A friend invited me to attend a student government meeting.

I attended another meeting and found out that they were going to running elections for the student body government and Student Trustee. 
I prayed about it and believed that, running for student trustee this was the direction that God was leading me to pursue. Not only did I run but I persuaded my husband, Samuel and classmate Catherine Pulley to run as well.   We all were elected, Samuel was elected to Vice-president of Activities, Catherine was elected a senator and I was elected student trustee.

We then attended a California Student Association of Community Colleges (CalSACC) spring leadership conference.   That is were we meet with black student leaders of community colleges in California and was voted President of the Black Caucus.

As president of the Black Caucus I got to work promoting black student issues at the state level to the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges, the Chancellor’s Offices, the Faculty Associations.  I attended all monthly CalSACC meetings in Sacramento. I prayed and ask God to help me and to show me what I should do to bring honor to his name and to the position he had blessed me to win.  It was then that I was led to start an Annual Black Caucus Leadership Conference.  I was told that this leadership conference will hold the caucus together for years to come.

I went on to be elected the Policy Director for CalSACC and the Student Senate introducing SB13417, as well as  adding a second student member to the Board of Governors and extending the term from one year to years.  I was then elected President of the Student Senate and CalSACC.

I graduated from College of the Desert Community College with an associate degree in liberal arts, from the University of California Riverside, Cum Lade with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s degree from the University of Southern California in teaching.

CalSACC and the Student Senate has dissolved but the Black Caucus of the California Community Colleges has stood.  I give an incredibly special thanks to Nehasi Lee who personally held the caucus together from one president to the next.  

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