Suzanne Obando

Hello, I am Suzanne Yvette Obando, and I desire to bring Death-Awareness work to the community. I hope this flourishes an understanding, appreciation and cultivates the sacredness and support of end of life care.


I have been working on creating Death-Awareness work that brings more intersectionality and equity within the death movement. This is a foundational step for the kind of work, support, and service we want to see in Death. We need to start introducing more voices, diversity, and an equity mindset for everyone. 


Part of bringing the intimacy and community back into Death is being an intersectional, inclusive, and diverse space. Many voices of different cultures and identities are part of our community. Naturally, part of the work of Death is creating services that support all our voices.


Creating and cultivating an environment that can hold space for the unique moment in Death and dying is essential. Most importantly, understanding each dying person has their own story to tell, diverse experience, and needs that require support, appreciation, and respect to honor their end of life. This work is about honoring the life that has been lived and the loved ones touched by that life.


This includes understanding the history and cultural impact death has in our society but also the historical influence many people had in the culture of Death, especially the marginalized.